CV for Michael C. Hughes

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  • Brown University


    Ph.D., Computer Science.

  • Brown University


    M.S., Computer Science.

  • Olin College of Engineering


    B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research Experience

  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science

    2018 - present

    Tufts University, Medford, MA

    • Conduct research in statistical machine learning methods and applications to health informatics.
    • Advise Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. students in machine learning research projects.
    • Teach machine learning courses targeted at advanced undergraduates (COMP 135 Intro to ML) and graduate students (COMP 150 Bayesian Deep Learning).
  • Postdoctoral fellow: Machine learning to improve clinical decisions in healthcare

    2016 - 2018

    Adviser: Prof. Finale Doshi-Velez (Harvard)

    • Developed semi-supervised models for characterizing and treating depression (with Dr. Perlis and Dr. McCoy).
    • Applied time-series models to predict ventilator interventions in the ICU for public dataset of >36,000 patients.
    • Created methods for training deep models so they are more interpretable to clinicians or other users.
  • Postdoc project: Estimating carbon biomass from LiDAR waveforms


    Adviser: Prof. Erik Sudderth & Prof. Jim Kellner (Brown U., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)

  • Ph.D. thesis: Reliable and scalable variational inference for Bayesian nonparametrics


    Adviser: Prof. Erik Sudderth

    • Thesis Title: Reliable and scalable variational inference for nonparametric mixtures, topics, and sequences
    • Developed optimization algorithms for Bayesian nonparametric models that scale to millions of examples.
    • Optimized lower bound on marginal likelihood, thus penalizing too simple and too complex explanations.
    • Escaped local optima via data-driven proposals that add useful new clusters and remove redundant ones.
    • Applied to topic models of 2 million NY Times articles and sequential models of the whole human genome.
    • Implemented algorithms in open-source package: Bayesian Nonparametrics for Python (BNPy).
  • Master's project: Sequential Models for Video and Motion Capture


    Adviser: Prof. Erik Sudderth

    • Developed methods to discover common actions from many videos of humans performing household exercises.
    • Improved existing inference algorithms with data-driven Metropolis-Hastings proposals.

Highlighted Publications

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Highlighted Preprints

Honors and Awards

  • 2018

    Top 200 Reviewer Award, NeurIPS 2018

    • Recognized as one of top 200 of more than 3500 expert reviewers at the top international machine learning conference.
  • 2018

    Best Paper Award, SoCal NLP Symposium 2018

  • 2017

    Nominee for AMIA Clinical Informatics Research Award

  • 2011

    NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award

    • Three year award to fund Ph.D. studies. Covers tuition and provides research stipend.
  • 2011

    NDSEG Graduate Research Fellowship Award

    • Three year funding award. Declined to accept NSF fellowship.

Professional Service

Teaching and Mentorship

Outreach Experience

  • TEALS and Boston Latin Academy , Roxbury, MA


    Volunteer AP Computer Science Instructor

    • Taught 1-2 classes / week for 2 years via TEALS "CS in every high school" initiative sponsored by Microsoft.
    • Developed hands-on lessons to excite students from diverse backgrounds about computational thinking.
    • Mentored full-time teacher Ingrid Roche as she transitioned from media arts to AP computer science (Java).
  • Harvard Humanitarian Initiative , Cambridge, MA


    Signal Program Fellow

    • Developed prototype detector for common housing structures in sub-Saharan Africa from satellite images.
    • Intended for humanitarian oversight of conflict areas where burning structures is common attack pattern.
    • Featured in TEDx talk:
  • Olin College Engineering Discovery , Needham, MA


    Co-Founder and Curriculum Director

    • Managed 15 undergrads in developing hands-on lessons for 4th-8th graders.
    • Hosted workshops for 30 children to design, build, and launch bottle rockets.
    • Pioneered green energy workshop which earned over \$750 in outside funding.

Industry Experience

  • Google , Mountain View, CA

    Summer 2013

    Software Engineering Intern

    • Improved walking/biking/running classifier using smartphone accelerometer data.
    • Led collection of dataset from dozens of individuals for classifier evaluation via custom Android app.

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