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Sep 01

Using Voodoo to Estimate Handheld Camera Motion

I’m currently investigating fully automatic methods to determine the motion of a handheld cameras in unconstrained environments. Basically, if action recognition is going to work well in unconstrained videos, we need video representations that distinguish between motions that are “signal” (moving actors, moving objects) and motions that are irrelevant noise due to camera motion (panning, …

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Aug 18

Elliptical Slice Sampling for priors with non-zero mean

I’ve been playing around with elliptical slice sampling (ESS) lately. ┬áThis is a new MCMC technique developed by Iain Murray, Ryan Adams, and David MacKay. Here is the original AISTATS paper. The punchline is that this method allows exact joint sampling for vectors whose posterior distribution can be expressed using any Gaussian prior and any …

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Jul 12

Blog Basics

This sample post shows how to this site can include typeset mathematics and short code snippets. Typesetting is possible via the QuickLaTeX plugin. Code via the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin.