Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 30

Review of STAN: off-the-shelf Hamiltonian MCMC

Recently, some folks at Andrew Gelman’s research lab have released a new and exciting inference package called STAN.  STAN is designed to do MCMC inference “off-the-shelf”, given just observed data and a BUGS-like definition of the probabilistic model.  I’ve played around with STAN in some detail, and my high-level review is summarized here Good: Installation …

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Sep 01

Using Voodoo to Estimate Handheld Camera Motion

I’m currently investigating fully automatic methods to determine the motion of a handheld cameras in unconstrained environments. Basically, if action recognition is going to work well in unconstrained videos, we need video representations that distinguish between motions that are “signal” (moving actors, moving objects) and motions that are irrelevant noise due to camera motion (panning, …

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