Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 30

Dense Trajectories for Action Recognition

Here, I take a qualitative look at one of the most successful video representations in use today: dense trajectories. You can find the original CVPR 2011 paper by Wang, Klaser, Schmid, and Liu here:¬†Action Recognition by Dense Trajectories. I’m mostly interested in evaluating how well the provided code does at finding good trajectories for videos …

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Aug 18

Elliptical Slice Sampling for priors with non-zero mean

I’ve been playing around with elliptical slice sampling (ESS) lately. ¬†This is a new MCMC technique developed by Iain Murray, Ryan Adams, and David MacKay. Here is the original AISTATS paper. The punchline is that this method allows exact joint sampling for vectors whose posterior distribution can be expressed using any Gaussian prior and any …

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Aug 14

ICML 2012 Highlights

After attending ICML 2012 in Edinburgh a month ago, I suppose a summary of my favorite papers and presentations is long overdue. Overall, Edinburgh provided a beautiful setting for the conference, and famously dreary Scotland weather even cooperated with a few days of sunshine.